"Dr. Death" Steve Williams

AgeHe is 57 years old
Birth Sign Taurus (avr. 20 - mai 20)
Height1.93 m
His Profession
Who is "Dr. Death" Steve Williams?
Steven "Steve" Williams, better known by his ring name "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, was an American professional wrestler, author and former star of collegiate football and wrestling at the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Death was a three-time world heavyweight champion, having won the UWF World Heavyweight Championship twice and the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship once. In addition to his singles success, Dr. Death Steve Williams achieved notoriety in Japan in tag team competition, winning the World Tag Team Championship eight times with notable tag team partners Terry Gordy, Gary Albright, Vader, and Johnny Ace. He also achieved great tag team success in North America, winning tag team titles in the Mid-South, World Championship Wrestling, UWF and NWA United States Tag Team Championship as well as winning the World's Strongest Tag Determination League twice with Gordy and Mike Rotunda.
He went to the following schools
  • 1981 - University of Oklahoma
"Dr. Death" Steve Williams's Books
  • How Dr. Death Became Dr. Life
  • Giants, Midgets, Heroes & Villains 2 netflixbot